Anagram Solver - Find all Available Words (2024)

Anagram Solver is a tool used to help players rearrange letters to generate all the possible words from them. You input the letters, and Anagram Maker gives you the edge to win Scrabble, Words With Friends, or any other word game. No matter the length or difficulty of the word, Anagram Solver provides all available word options.

Anagrams - Definition and Examples

Have you ever heard of an anagram? Maybe you recognize the term, but you’re not exactly sure what it means. On the other hand, you might be an expert at using anagrams and have fun with them when playing various word games and board games.

What is an Anagram?

Anagrams are words or phrases you spell by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. For instance, fans of the Harry Potter series know that Lord Voldemort’s full name is actually an anagram of his birth name, and some people even play games challenging one another to make anagrams still relevant to the original term. For example, "schoolmaster" can be turned into "the classroom", "punishments" becomes "nine thumps", and "debit card" turns into "bad credit".

The only rule is that all the letters from the original word or phrase must be used when they’re reordered to say something entirely different.

History of Anagrams

Historians suggest that anagrams actually originated in the 4th century BC, but weren’t commonly used until the 13th century AD when they were sometimes thought of as mystical. Imagine that!

20 Cool Anagram Examples

Whatever your level of knowledge, Word Finder can be a great tool to assist you to unscramble letters and identify anagrams when playing online and offline games. Here are some examples to help you become more familiar with anagrams ─ starting with the word “anagram” itself.

  1. anagram = nag a ram
  2. below = elbow
  3. study = dusty
  4. night = thing
  5. act = cat
  6. dessert = stressed
  7. bad credit = debit card
  8. gainly = laying
  9. conversation = voice rants on
  10. eleven plus two = twelve plus one
  11. they see = the eyes
  12. funeral = real fun
  13. meteor = remote
  14. the classroom = schoolmaster
  15. meal for one = for me alone
  16. sweep the floor = too few helpers
  17. older and wiser = I learned words
  18. video game = give a demo
  19. coins kept = in pockets
  20. young lady = an old guy


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Anagram Solver for Scrabble, Words with Friends and Crosswords

How does anagramming help with word games? Easily, it forces you to start reimagining your tiles in a less confusing way. You'll start looking at how to make any phrase or word instead of simply struggling with what appears on the board and the rack.

Some people are naturals at coming up with anagrams. However, it’s a rare person who can look at language and expertly rearrange the consonants and vowels to arrive at interesting or entertaining new compositions.

What is an Anagram Solver?

An anagram solver is a terrific tool that many people like to rely on to create different letter combinations.

How to Use an Anagram Solver in 3 Simple Steps

  • Step #1: Recognize prefixes and suffixes.

Following are common ones:

Some prefixes that start words ─ ab, ad, dis, de, ex, re, sub, un

Some suffixes that end words ─ ed, er, ing, ism, ly, ment, ness, tion

  • Step #2: Pick them out.
  • Step #3: Reorder the letters into new words.

Anagramming Example

One example is that the word “painter” could become “repaint” by moving the suffix to the beginning so that it becomes a prefix. Alternatively, the letters could be rearranged to make the word “pertain”.


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Using Anagram Maker

Now, you may not see how anagramming can really help you win at games such as Scrabble or Words with Friends. However, just think about it for a moment. If you have the board in front of you, and it is loaded with an array of pre-existing words and open spaces, your strategy demands you consider the most lucrative moves. It is not just about making the longest word, but more about the words that give the most points. Anagram generators, like ours, give you solutions with anything from two to six or more letters. You can then use them to plug into the available spaces, finding the highest points possible.

Scrabble Anagram Maker

Seasoned Scrabble players will already know the value of using an anagram generator. After pulling seven tiles from the Scrabble bag and laying them out on their rack, the first player must use a sufficient number to make a complete word to get the game going. There can be a lot riding on this initial play. So, it’s not an uncommon practice for participants to take a little time moving the letters around to see what arrangement will give them the highest score. After all, if they can keep their early advantage, they may eventually win the game!

What’s more, as the game progresses, players will sometimes become stumped about how to display the tiles that they have on the board to gain the most points for the play. In short, having an anagram creator can assist Scrabble players to use their tile points to make words with the best possible score quickly so that the game remains exciting.

Words with Friends Anagram Finder

Similarly, an anagram word finder can be an invaluable device when enjoying Words with Friends. Faced with a jumble of letters, some players may be tempted to cheat or may try out words that they’re not very sure of. Would you believe that the English language has over 171,400 words? In addition, new words are added all the time. Therefore, it’s no wonder that game participants will sometimes become confused or perplexed when they’re attempting to solve multiple words and figure out where to make their next move.

Since Words with Friends is a digital game, you may be engaging with people anywhere in the world unless, of course, you choose to play solo. The game has the potential to be quite fast-paced, and you certainly don’t want to contemplate over your next move to slow things down ─ particularly when you may just be getting to know your opponent! This is where having a word anagram aid to use can be indispensable.


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2 Tips to Solve Anagrams for Word Games Players

Are you ready for some final tips about solving anagrams? We’re sure that you can put the following information to good use!

Tip 1: Word Unscrambler

By employing Word Unscrambler, participants in word games are able to search for anagrams by entering the letters and wildcards that they have. Not only that, but they can use an advanced filter to discover words that start or end with particular letters and for other inquiries.

Here are a few examples:

The word “listen” is made up of letters EILNTS. When the word itself if entered in the Word Unscrambler, it quickly finds “silent”.

Along the same lines, “save”, comprised of AESV, reveals the word “vase” in the Word Unscrambler.

Tip 2: Phrase Unscrambler

When we study a phrase on its own, we can become quite stuck on its meaning and it can be difficult to see just how the words and letters can make something new. Hence, Phrase Unscrambler can be very valuable when players are looking to change the letters around in phrases to pinpoint anagrams.

Take a look at these examples:

“Dirty room” contains the following letters ─ DIMOORRTY. Putting the phrase into the Phrase Unscrambler uncovers the word “dormitory”.

By entering the phrase “moon starer” that has these letters ─ AEMNOORRST, the Phrase Unscrambler locates the word “Astronomer”.

Start playing with our anagram finder and discover the surprising number of options just a single collection of tiles can yield. Become an anagram creator today!


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